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Pemberton Honey Company is based from our farm Whispering Woods, just outside of Pemberton, right in the heart of the pristine Karri forests of WA’s south west. Owned by us, Mikey and Allexa Cernotta, we run a premium beekeeping business alongside our rustic BnB. We have three beautiful girls, Hazel, Zeleonka and Dakoning. Allexa is a primary school teacher and Mikey runs the farm and bees.


Pemberton Honey produces and packs predominantly monofloral honeys, harvested from all over the South West corner of WA. From Pemberton, to Esperance, to the Goldfields, to the North of Perth and anywhere in between, our bees are placed on a variety of nectar flows allowing production and most importantly healthy hives, year round.


We pride ourselves on attention to detail and ensuring that you get the best quality honey we can possibly produce. This is why we only use methods to extract, filter and pack our range of honeys that will not compromise the taste, colour and health benefits. During times where we can not produce a variety ourselves, we support our industry and other small businesses by bringing in honey produced by a select few beekeepers who we know and trust. This allows us to maintain the highest standards while providing a consistent range of delicious and pure honeys to you.




Owners of Pemberton Honey Company, Allexa and Mikey established Whispering Woods in 2015.


A stunning hillside property that also offers boutique accommodation in our beautiful, rustic 'Green Cabin' which is positioned perfectly on the edge of the forest with sweeping views of the hills beyond.

If you are interested in staying, click any of this text to check available bookings.

All of Pemberton Honey Company's products are processed, packaged and checked for quality at Whispering Woods Farm in a purpose-built facility known as 'the packing shed'. The packing shed is a 2 minutes walk from the cabin.


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