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In the beginning - Start here

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

All stories start somewhere right?

Well this is the beginning of ours. We bought a farm, it’s now sink or swim. We had very little to our names other than some donated furniture and items picked up from roadside collection. What we did have in spades though was excitement, energy and motivation to give this everything we have got.

Our goals were built on foundations of helping our community and having a positive impact on the environment. This was to underpin all the projects and ventures we were about to embark on.

Project 1 -

Get the old cabin cleaned up and open it to guests wanting the clean and green, forest based escape that would invigorate the soul. This would provide extra income we could then roll into other projects.

Project 2 -

Secure our water. Without it you are pretty well stuffed when it comes to farming. We are in the very fortunate position where we have two creeks running right through our property that will make ideal sites to dam off the excess. What will we use the water for? This is a more difficult equation as there are many options. Avo’s, Citrus fruits, Apples, Pears, Cauliflower, Spuds, Truffles… the list is almost endless.

Project 3 -

Lets get some beehives! Living in a region where food production is the backbone, we see a great opportunity to provide pollination services to local farmers, while being able to produce and sell honey locally within our community.

Project 4 -

Convert the largely unused barn into a rustic DIY wedding venue. After finding our feet for around 18 months we realised we weren’t making the best use of the assets we already had. What do we know about weddings? Nothing, we eloped. The cabin was going gangbusters by this time so our confidence in the hospitality space was high. Let’s just add more people.

Two years in and we feel like we really have some momentum now. It has been challenging, throw into the mix that we welcomed our beautiful daughter Hazel into this world and we really were up to our necks but loving every single moment.

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